Tender: Study on the contribution of commercial forestry sector to employment beyond primary production.copy of new

FDT has analysed the contribution of commercial forestry sector to paid non-family employment at plantation establishment and management level and is currently looking for individuals/firms/institutions to perform further analysis to understand employment beyond plantation establishment and management.


The objectives of this study are to:

  • Understand the contribution of commercial forestry sector to employment in the following areas:
      • Harvesting of the plantations. (Logging)
      • Wood Products Transportation & Logistics
      • Power and energy
      • Small and Medium Primary Wood Processing
      • Small and Medium Secondary Wood Processing
      • Construction sector
      • Large wood materials processing industries.
      • Wood Products Trading.
  • Understand age categories of the employees in the above areas.
      • Categorize employment in commercial forestry as:
      • Indirect
      • Induced
      • Second order jobs.
  • Conduct a desk review of available literature on employment at post-production stage of commercial forestry (employment at woodlots).
  • Understand the quality of employment within commercial forestry value chain.
  • Estimate potential employment creation if production of wood materials/demand increases.
  • Estimate potential employment growth if the demand of wood materials increases.
  • Identify opportunities for employment growth in the value chain and what can be done to harness the opportunities
  • Identify skills gaps of employees at the different points of the value chain
  • Identify mechanisms/opportunities for linkages between small and large players in the value chain which can produce/lead into more employment opportunities in the sector.

Consultants required

FDT is looking for Consultant(s) or Institutions that has specialised in Labour related studies or research and has links to government agencies that are managing labour matters locally.

The consultant(s) is required to demonstrate strong credentials in the following areas:

  • Experience and understanding of labour laws, regulations, issues and practices in the context of Tanzania and East Africa in general.
  • Experience in consulting, conducting economic impact studies and research.
  • Detailed understanding of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) labour standards and definitions and Labour law and regulations of the government of the united republic of Tanzania.
  • Experience in stakeholder consultation and engagement in the context of market systems.

Proposals content and Submission

All proposals should include the following:

  • An expression of interest letter which indicates applicants’ availability, capacity and suitability for the assignment.
  • Details of the composition of the team, CV’s, experience and relevance of each proposed team member for the assignment.
  • Provide summary of indicative budget for the assignment
  • At-least two reference letters from reputable organizations stating how your organization has the capacity and experience on the assignment based on prior working relationship.
  • A sample of report from the previous completed assignment will an added advantage

Proposals should be submitted as MS word or PDF documents to nicodemus.msika@forestry-trust.org and william.mato@forestry-trust.org by Wednesday 5th June 2019. Any queries regarding the terms of reference and assignment should also be directed to the aforementioned addresses.

Proposal review and selection

Received proposal documents will be reviewed by the FDT procurement committee and one other consulted Gatsby Africa Monitoring and Evaluation Team Leader after the deadline of submission and only successful applicants will be contacted. Proposals will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

  • Proven track record and experience of the institution in undertaking similar consulting assignments.
  • Composition and qualification of the team members
  • Financial feasibility based on the proposed budget submitted
  • Completeness of the proposal documents as required especially with reference letters and previous sample report.

For more information please download and read the full terms of reference here http://forestry-trust.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/ToR-Labour-Survey-updated-220519.pdf