Meet the Trust’s dynamic, innovative team of staff committed to enhancing the long-term competitiveness of the sector, improving incomes of small-scale tree growers and wood-based enterprises, and building long-term institutional resilience.

David Shambwe, Trust Director

David is an experienced Business Leader, trained Sales and Marketing professional graduated from University of Dar Es Salaam – BCOM- Marketing. He holds the ACI Dealing Certificate – ACI- Financial Market Association. With 20 years combined hands on experience in the Real Estate Industry, Strategic Partnership and Stakeholders /Investors Engagement (Public – Public and Public – Private), Fundraising, Brand Marketing, Corporate Public Relations and Banking.

David, has been part of transformation in various teams as Director of Business Development and Treasury at National Housing Corporation and prior to that as Head of Retail Banking at Commercial Bank of Africa (Tanzania) Limited. Previously, David worked at senior capacity in various organizations such as Standard Chartered Bank (Tanzania) Limited as Corporate Sales Dealer. He joined the Banking Sector from Fast Moving Consumer Good (FMCG) Industry, Airtel (Tanzania) Limited as Sales Development Manager and Kibo Breweries Limited as Sales Executive. His experience holds interesting competencies in Senior Stakeholder’s Engagement, Investment Facilitation and Business Formulation.

David joins FDT in May 2019 as Trust Director to provide Strategic Program Leadership, ensuring successful development of both the organization, the team and delivery of Program objectives.

Oluwabusuyi Okeowo, Head of Programme

Busuyi Okeowo is a value chain and private sector development specialist with 10 years of experience designing and managing pro-poor interventions in West-Africa. He has led various agribusiness projects and interventions on out-grower development, value chain mapping & analysis, cluster mapping, financial inclusion, market access, commodity aggregation, commodity branding, and agribusiness investment promotion. He was the Deputy Team Leader of the GEMS4, a flagship market development project in Nigeria funded by DFID/UKaid and the World Bank. As part of the programme collaboration, he led the design of private sector led value chain aggregation model for Osun state government. He also led GEMS4 programme initiative on improving brand awareness for Nigerian Rice and analysis of investment opportunities in the Nigerian rice and tomato sector. He has consulted for programmes in Nigeria, amongst are DFID/MADE- Edo State Investment Project (ESIP) and Technoserve Nigeria on value chain analysis and development for state actors. Mr. Okeowo is an MBA and Agribusiness Management graduate of the Lagos Business School. Busuyi joined the Trust in September 2018 to provide strategic leadership and operational management across all programmatic areas of the Trust, ensuring successful delivery of FDT’s Interventions while fostering strong collaborative relationships across the sector.

Ijumaa Kombo Singo, Senior Manager -Genetic Resources

Singo is a professional forester (Dip. BSc, and MSc from FTI and SUA respectively) having 25 years of Ijumaa Singoworking experience in tree seed handling in both public and private sector.  In the public sector, he worked with the Tanzania Tree Seed Agency (TTSA) which is in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism where he assumed different technical and managerial positions advocating production and distribution of high quality tree seeds and other propagating materials. Singo also worked with Green Resources Limited as a Group Seed Research Manager, where he established a number of trials, including species (eucalypt and pine), clone (eucalypt) and fertilizer in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania.  Singo joined FDT in September 2016 as the Tree Improvement Research Manager and was promoted to Genetic Resources Manager in July 2018 to lead the Trust’s work on tree improvement and domestic commercial  production and deployment of improved genetic materials.

Martin Kijazi, Senior Manager – Policy and Sector Coordination

Martin is a natural resource economics, governance and policy specialist (BSc. Forestry Sokoine University, MFC & PhD University of Toronto). His 19 years professional and training experience spans Tanzania, Canada (Ontario and British Columbia), South Africa (Eastern Cape), Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the UK. In Tanzania, he has worked on a range of natural resource issues ranging from extractives to climate change with the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), Council for the Development of Social Science in Africa (CODESRIA), University of Illinois, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Institute of Development Studies and Oxfam. Martin joined the Trust in October 2017 as Policy and Institutions Manager.

William Mato, Senior Manager – Wood Product Markets

William is a Market Systems Development Specialist who holds BA in Economics (UDSM) and Diploma in Enterprise Development through value chains and Business Service Markets (International Training centre of ILO – Italy). He has worked in market development interventions for different value chains in different  capacities such as Business Analyst (Rural Livelihood Development Program); Country Manager (ICM Tanzania Agribusiness Ltd); Regional Business Manager (Kilimo Market Ltd); Markets Development Coordinator (Aga Khan Foundation- Coastal Rural Support Program Tanzania); and Project Manager (Aga Khan Foundation – Sunflower Market Development Project). William is a strong calibre person with strong experience in business development and associated analytics, diverse experience in Market Systems Facilitation (M4P), Private Sector Development and practical application of result measurement framework.

Baraka Ntiruhungwa, Senior Manager -Tree Grower Services

Baraka is an experienced senior private sector development advisor and consultant. He has extensive Economic Growth Facilitation experience and skills that involve engagement and management of International, National and Local Agriculture Public and Private sector actors and stakeholders. Baraka is also a Trainer of Trainers in Entrepreneurship, Pro Poor Development Support, Business Ideas Generation and Business Development Support. He embodies extensive skills in Program/Project Development and Management Using Value Chain Development and Market Systems facilitation approaches. He is a professional SMEs Business Development Advisor, Mentor and Counsellor. Baraka has widely worked to identify, mentor and manage more than 30 agribusiness consultants and linked them to more than 400 agribusiness Enterprises (out of over 1,000 SM&L Enterprises that he has supported) in Tanzania and Ethiopia. Baraka holds a BSc. in Agriculture and MBA with specialization in Agribusiness. He has 14 years of experience managing development work and consulting with International Organizations and Foundations including: Global Communities (Country Trade Specialist & Head of Trade Department for Agribusiness Investment for Market Stimulation Program); Land O’Lakes (Private Sector Engagement Manager for Tanzania and Ethiopia); Technoserve (Senior Business Advisor); DANIDA’s SMEs Competitiveness Facility (Country Business Manager); and United States African Development Foundation -USADF (Business Development Office).

Nicodemas Msika, Strategy Monitoring and Learning Manager

Nicodemas graduated from Sokoine University of Agriculture (BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management).Nicodemus Msika He previously worked with National Microfinance Bank in various positions (Bank officer and Loan officer), before joining Technoserve implementing a coffee initiative project under Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as Monitoring, Evaluation and Accountability Advisor. Later on he joined other TechnoServe programmes in cocoa, maize and paddy value chains as Monitoring and Evaluation Manager. Nicodemas joined FDT in late 2014 as Monitoring Evaluation and Learning Coordinator and has led the Strategy Monitoring and Learning team from late 2015.

Christel Kiweha, Human Resources Manager

Christel is a lawyer and human resources professional (LLB -University of Iringa) and Certificates in Human Resources Management and Practical Labour Law (Get Smarter – University of Cape Town). Christel has over 10 years of experience in human resources and administration management in both forestry and industrial organisation.  She oversaw the Human Resources and Administration function for Green Resources and Sao Hill Industries Ltd. with more than 500 permanent employees and 1500 seasonal workers. Christel joined the Trust in November 2014 as a strategic business partner in order to support the organisation to achieve its strategic objectives, sustainable growth and a positive operating culture.

Shukrani Biseko, Business and Market Facilitator

Shukrani Biseko is a professional and experienced agronomist (BSc Agronomy from SUA) in the middle and senior positions in a wide range of crops. Among others, Biseko draws his experience from sugarcane plantations/ industry, biofuels, Horticulture / Avocado sub-sector and cocoa sector engaged in development, planning, implementation, management and evaluation of such high-quality plantations and programs in a range of start-up to full execution. As a senior Agronomist and business advisor for TechnoServe, Shukrani worked on several value chain programmes to enhance incomes from agriculture for smallholder farmers.

Shukrani joined FDT in October 2013 excited to first, bring his knowledge of agronomy and agriculture training models to forestry for the first time, and second, to bring his development program experience for improving farmers income in Tanzania. With FDT, the first major undertaking for Shukrani was to design and carry out an extensive baseline study on the status of tree growing in the Southern highland regions of Tanzania. Following a high-volume extensive baseline study, Shukrani worked to identify training needs for tree growers and developing training methodologies to suit local circumstances. Biseko has recently successfully led an Improved Tree Seed Intervention under FDT introducing for the first time, a private player and driving several positive sector changes. Because of a revisited strategy, Biseko will be taking a lead on the Public Private partnership intervention and concession, a work which he is enthusiastically keen to drive.

Yuda Mkollo, Business and Market Facilitator

yudaYuda is a professional forester (BSc Sokoine). For the last 10 years Yuda has worked with Sao Hill Industries and New Forests Company in wood processing and land departments respectively. Yuda’s role is to develop a deep understanding of Tanzanian timber markets within the Trust. He collects, analyses and presents crucial market data to underpin FDT efforts to ensure tree growers achieve fair prices for the timber products they produce. Yuda is keen to continuously communicate market information to growers to ensure they can make informed decisions when selling their trees.

Mussa Gwalema, Business and Policy Facilitator

Mussa is an agribusiness specialist who graduated from Sokoine University of Agriculture in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness. He has worked in various value chains where he has interacted with a range of experts and gained substantial understanding of how market systems work. He worked with CNFA in the Agro-inputs supply chain, under support from BMGF/AGRA, and participated in the piloting of the National Inputs Subsidy program in Tanzania.  He then worked with TechnoServe and Irish Aid in the cocoa industry to improve quality of services and marketing systems with special focus on building inclusiveness of smallholder farmers as key industry actors in cocoa quality and production. Previously, he worked with CARE International in conservation forestry around refugee affected areas and in refugee camps where his main attention was to help reduce pressure on natural forests as a result of refugee influx with their sudden huge demand for fuel and construction wood. Mussa brings to FDT a range of business and forestry expertise to help shape the forestry industry into a competitive sector by providing sector insight, facilitate effective industry coordination and promote progress on specific policy issues which contribute to the national economy.

Emmanuel Sangalali, Manager, Tree Grower Services 

Emmanuel is a forester holding a BSc Forestry from SUA. He previously worked with Sao Hill Industries Ltd as the Wood Dry Kilns Operator and Pallets Production Manager. He later worked with Tanzania Leaf Tobacco Company Limited in various capacities as the Forestry and Barns Coordinator, and Imperial Tobacco as the Forestry Project Manager.  Emmanuel joined FDT in January 2017 as a Business and Market Facilitator with the role of engaging and mobilising diverse commercial forestry sector players to enhance sector and business competitiveness, inclusiveness and resilience.

Hassan Swedi, Business and Market Facilitator

Holding Advanced Diploma in Certified Accountancy, Postgraduate Diploma in Scientific Computing and MBA  in Corporate Management, Hassan started his career as an accountant and later moved into projects management  where he gathered project management experience that span over 10 years from different sectors of economy, including Petroleum (ENGEN Petroleum Tanzania); Telecommunication (Celtel Tanzania – Airtel); Heath – Sexual & reproductive and Family planning (Marie Stopes Tanzania),  Medical research (NIMR – RTSS Vaccination); Water and sanitation research sector (BORDA) and Agriculture, specifically Dairy sub-sector with ASAS Dairies. Hassan is happy to apply his knowledge support the Trust engage and mobilise diverse commercial forestry sector players to enhance sector and business functioning particularly around valuation, marketing, harvesting and marketing.

Philemon Peter, Strategy, Monitoring and Learning Analyst

Philemon is an agricultural economist and agribusiness professional (BSc. Sokoine UnivPhilemon Peterersity of Agriculture). He joined the Trust in August 2016 and he is responsible for planning, monitoring and managing studies in the field, analyzing findings and providing strategic feedback for better decision making. Philemon previously worked with The Foundation for Civil Society and TechnoServe as Monitoring and Evaluation Supervisor, Administrator and also as Business Advisor.  From these appointments, he gained a lot of experience in results measurement, providing business advisory services and also facilitating business relationships between actors in the coffee and staple crops value chains including small-holder producer cooperative unions, agro-dealers, bulk buyers, government and private institutions.

Rashid Josephat Mgeni, Senior Officer -Tree Improvement Research Planning and Coordination

Rashid is a BSc graduate in Regional Development planning from Ardhi University, Dar es Salaam. His areas of expertise include village land use planning, urban planning, GIS and mapping, regional and ecological planning, and community development. Rashid plays a crucial role in support of the Trust in overseeing efforts to promote national coordination and capacity in tree improvement. He is responsible for the Tree Improvement Stakeholders Coordination intervention, leading the implementation of the Intervention Management Guide which includes the result chain, work plan, measurement and progress tracking. Basing on his GIS and Mapping expertise, Rashid is also responsible for overall mapping activities for FDT in all areas of operations.

Salim Shaaban, Senior Officer -Tree Improvement Research and Development

salimSalim is a BSc Forestry gradate from the Sokoine University of Agriculture. Salim plays a crucial role in support of the Trust in overseeing Tree Improvement Research and Development operational activities for FDT including trial establishment and tree seed selection and marking.  He is responsible for the Tree Improvement Research and Development Intervention which includes leading the implementation of the Intervention Management guide (result chain, work plan, measurement and progress tracking).  Salim also works with the rest of the team to ensure that the findings from FDT surveys and analysis is clearly communicated to tree planters and other stakeholders through interactive maps, communication materials and media forums, including the website.

Oliva Marwa – Office Administrator 

Oliva is a Forester with 9 years of hands-on experience in plantation management at GreenOlive Marwa Resources Ltd and Lindi Forest Ltd. Oliva plays an integral role in the customer service and organizational strength of the Trust. She is responsible for undertaking all office management and administrative tasks and supports to ensure that the program is run efficiently and effectively. She is also happy to apply her forestry knowledge in contributing to the sustainability of forestry and raising incomes of smallholder tree growers by providing technical support and influencing the adoption of improved planting materials, good silvicultural practices.

Daniel Tassen – Assistant Business and Markets Facilitator 

Daniel is a forester with over 28 years of experience from both private and public forestry institutions. Daniel TassenHe initially worked with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism in the Resource Assessment section and later worked for Green Resources Ltd in various capacities as a Forester, Assistant Plantation Manager and Plantation Manager. Tassen joined FDT in November 2014 and he is happy to apply his long-term experience in the field of forestry in influencing adoption of improved planting materials, good silvicultural practices among public and private forestry plantations and supporting services industry players to ensure sustainable supply  of quality raw materials to wood industries in the sector.

Pelezi Ruffo – Assistant Business and Markets Facilitator

Pelezi is a forester (BSc Forestry, Sokoine University of Agriculture) who has experience working Pelezi Ruffowith both public and private institutions. He worked as Forest Officer with the local government, coordinating the project: Reforestation and Rehabilitation of Degraded Areas along the Slopes of Uluguru Mountains- Morogoro Municipality. He then worked with the Tanzania Forest Conservation Group providing knowledge on forest and environmental education to the communities living near the Eastern Arc Mountains.  Pelezi has also worked with a private company in managing the tree plantations and producing treated timber and electric poles. He joined the Trust in November 2014 and is working on influencing adoption of improved planting materials, good silvicultural practices among public and private forestry plantations and supporting services industry players to ensure sustainable supply  of quality raw materials to wood industries in the sector.

Ramadhan Simon Bilal- Field Forester

Ramadhan is a Forester (Dipl. Forestry, Olmotonyi Forestry Research Institute) with experience in both publicRamadhan Simon Bilal and private sectors. He worked with Tanscan Timber Co. Ltd as Production Manager, as well as with Mufindi District as Forest Extension Officer where he worked under the programs of Participatory Forestry Management, Sustainable Wetland Management Programme, Lower Kihansi Environment Management Programme as well as Eastern Arc Mountain Conservation Programme. Ramadhan joined the Trust in November 2014 and is working to impart village tree growers with the skills and knowledge in ailviculture activities and contribute in bringing positive social impacts.

Sylvester Mgina –Field Forester

Sylvester is a forester (Cert. Forestry) with experience in various forestry activities including inventory, Sylvester Mginanurseries plantation, fire protection and logging. As a forestry technician, Sylvester worked on a number of value chain programmes. He worked at Tanwat for 14 years, Untrans for seven years, Green Resources for two years as well as at Kilombero Valley Teak Company for three years. Sylvester joined the Trust in November 2014 and he is working with tree nurseries to establish sustainable supply lines of improved seeds to smallholder tree growers and networking village demo plots that enable farmers to adapt best silviculture practices.

Maureen Peter, Associate Business and Markets Facilitator

maureenMaureen is a graduate of cultural anthropology and tourism (BA Tumaini). Prior to joining FDT Maureen worked with John Hopkins University as a qualitative research assistance on various projects. Maureen’s role at the Trust is to support the design and implementation of interventions by identifying opportunities and constraints facing market actors and designing of interventions to address the key constraints. She is also the forefront in the mobilization and engagement of various commercial forestry market players for fostering collaboration in business functioning particularly around market access, market insights, promoting development and access to critical support services, forestry economics, technical skills development, processing and value addition investments and generally developing tools that can enhance the functioning of wood markets.

Anania Mtafya – Forest Research Officer

Anania graduated from Sokoine University of Agriculture (BSc. Environmental Sciences and Management). He joined FDT as a Research assistant intern in March 2015 and later rose to the position of Propagation Technician in December 2015. He works in the nursery producing(rising), labelling, identifying and packing tree seedlings and hybrid clones for species trial, breeding population and seed orchard establishment and is participating in all other activities cornering species trials establishment, maintenance, trials inventory, seeds collection and other research related activities. Anania spends his spare time playing and watching football.

Sebastian Mwinyi, Research Support Assistant and Driver Sebastian Mwinyi

Sebastian is a research support assistant and driver  (Diploma in Common Wealth Youth Programme  and Certificates in Basic Driving & Mechanics). He has great driving experience, including four with New Forests Company which all together gave him on the job forestry technical knowledge and experience. Sebastian provides support to the Tree Improvement and Research function within the organisation particularly around management of the research trials while will continuing with his normal driver duties.

Gosbert Gasper Magusi, Nursery Attendant

Gosbert Magussi joined FDT in May 2017 as the Nursery Attendant and he is responsible in taking care of the root stock and grafted seedlings which are at TTSA Central nursery. Gosbert has previously worked for Kilombero Valley Teak Company and Makota Flowers Company where he held various positions as Propagation Supervisor and nursery Manager and gained experience in handling seedlings.

 Justine Changa, Chief Driver

Justin has over 15 years of experience as a driver and motor vehicle mechanic (Grade 2). He joined FDT in Justine ChangaApril 2015, assuming Chief Driver responsibilities in July 2016.   Before joining FDT, Justin had worked in a number of companies including Konoike Construction Co, Highland Estate, Justa Construction and New Forest Company. Apart from the normal driving responsibilities, Justin oversees the organisation fleet and drivers.

Gooduck Mhagama, Driver Goodluck Mhagama

Goodluck has 16 years of experience in driving and has worked with various companies including Tanroads, Mohamed Trans transportation company and New Forests Company. He joined FDT in June 2014.

Paulo Martin, Driver Paulo Martin

Paulo has over 8 years of experience in driving. He joined FDT in February 2015 and previously worked with Be Forward

Mussa Urio, Driver Mussa Urio

Mussa has over 16 years of driving experience. He has worked for various companies such as Tulipamwe Company, JR International, Interbeton (JNIA) and Kilombero Sugar Company before joining FDT in June

Africa Chongolo, Field Attendant

Africa joined FDT in April 2015 as a field attendant who works with the tree improvement and research team in land preparation, planting activities and fire protection around the demo and trials  as well as supervising and manage field workers. Africa brings in experience from Green Resources Ltd where he worked as the field supervisor, supervising the range of field activities such as preparation for planting (including pre-planting chemical weeding, lining and marking for pitting), planting and heading fire crew at the time of fire

Octavina Kiwise, Office AttendantOctavina Kiwise

Octavina joined FDT in June 2014 and has 10 years of experience as an office attendant and housekeeper. Before joining FDT, she worked with National Insurance Company in Iringa as office attendant and registry controller, Ruaha Intenational Hotel- Iringa as a housekeeper and Mhimbili HIV and Research Project (Iringa) as an office attendant.

Yohana Ngole, Driver Yohana Ngole

Yohana joined FDT in June 2014 as a day guard and gardener. Before joining FDT, Yohana worked with A- Z Textile Mills in Arusha as a Machine Operator for two years and also as a private driver for three years. Apart from gardening, Yohana also operates the office generator,  assists with office oversight and help with driving office vehicles.